PostPak – COD parcel for the region - Service Description

PostPak – COD parcel for the region

Send a COD parcel in the region, pay cash on delivery.

PostPak items can be submitted at counters of all post offices in Serbia.

Send a COD parcel from the nearest post office to recipients in the countries of the region – Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.

We offer you:

  • affordable prices;
  • simplified export process;
  • possibility to pay cash on delivery.

PostPak parcels are registered COD parcels with or without indicated value, packed in the prescribed manner, which contain goods and other items, and are addressed to recipients who are natural persons.

Maximum allowed weight of the PostPak parcel is 30 kg.

Maximum indicated value and COD amount is 999 euros per one parcel / invoice for the same recipient.

On the accompanying CP-72 form – Export Customs Declaration – which accompanies the parcel from collection until delivery, it is necessary to provide the contact mobile phone number of both the recipient and the sender.

Information regarding the customs procedure and the necessary documentation can be obtained by calling the number of customs post offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad or Niš.

Electronic tracking of the status of items is possible via the website of the Post of Serbia.


  • Simplicity – PostPak parcels can be handed over at the counter of every post office in Serbia;
  • simplification of placement of goods in the region with reduction of export costs;
  • all parcels are COD parcels and are transmitted by plane to all countries, except for Republic of Srpska;
  • electronic transfer of the COD amount.

Payment of PostPak COD items

PostCash – international money transfer is used to pay for PostPak parcel.

Conditions under which COD payment for PostPak item is performed:

  • the fee for COD money order is not charged;
  • the money sent via COD money order is the property of the recipient of money/ sender of PostPak item from the moment of payment;
  • during the delivery of PostPak item, private customer is charged the COD amount in order to form a COD money order which is then directed to the sender of COD item;
  • sender of COD money order is not obliged to inform the recipient about the payment;
  • the Post informs the recipient via SMS massage about the arrival of COD money order, to the phone number which was given to the Post during the sending of COD item;
  • during the payment of COD money order, the recipient can give the number of PostPak item instead of the number of COD money order;
  • the Post performs the service of payment of international postal money order – PostCash in dinars, at the purchase rate applied by the Post on the day the order is sent to the Post system.

Special Services

Parcel with indicated value and COD amount

The indicated value and COD amount should correspond to the real value of the item. The value and COD amount are indicated in euros, with numbers and letters on the parcel and on the CP-72 form which accompanies the parcel.

Services at the Request of the Sender for the PostPak Service

Services provided automatically for the PostPak Service

Prohibited items

List of prohibited items for import or transit through a particular country