Payment with payment order

Pay at post offices!

By payment order various cash payments can be performed.

At post office counters, with payment orders, you may perform various cash payments, such as taxes, dues, tuitions, and settlement of other obligations.

Payment realization depends on the time of payment receipt:

  • payments to accounts with the Postal Savings Bank, received before 19 hrs (on working days and Saturdays), are realized on the same day;
  • payments to accounts with Unicredit Bank and Procredit Bank, received before 18:30 hrs (on working days), are realized on the same day;
  • payments to all other accounts, received before 16 hrs (on working days), are realized on the same day.

Payments performed after the aforementioned timeframes shall be realized on the first following working day.

For each payment with the Payment order made by private customers on accounts with Srpska banka (UID no. 295), no commission shall be charged to the payer.

For more information about the payment realization times, check the Тime schedule of the Post of Serbia.


Information about the procedure for filing complaints for payment services customers

Comlpaints about payment services can also be submitted at: