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Small Packet

For sending abroad goods and items weighing up to 2 kg.

With the Post, your small packet of goods reaches every corner of the world.

Small packet is a letterpost item in international postal traffic that contains goods and other items. It is allowed to place any other document that is of current and personal correspondence nature in the small packet, provided that it is addressed to the recipient of the small packet and sent by the sender indicated on the small packet. Under these conditions, small packets can contain audio, video and other electronic recordings and the like. It is allowed to place a list of contents, technical conditions, price of goods and the address of the sender and recipient in the small packet.

Dimensions of the small packet: the sum of length, width and height - up to 90 cm, with the largest of the three dimensions being a maximum of 60 cm. The smallest dimensions of a Small packet are 10.5 x 14.8 cm.

If the small packet is in the shape of a cylinder, the dimensions are as follows: the sum of the length and two diameters can be a maximum of 104 cm, with the largest of these dimensions being up to 90 cm. The sum of the length and two diameters can be at least 17 cm, provided that the length of the small packet can be at least 10 cm.

Small packet can weigh up to 2 kg.

The wrapping and packaging of small packets must be performed in such a way as to ensure the inviolability of the contents of the postal item during transfer and delivery.

The sender submits small packets open so that the employees of the Post Office, in the presence of the sender, can inspect the contents of the postal item, in terms of the regulations governing customs and foreign exchange control of postal items.

All small packets are dispatched towards the Customs Post Office for submission for customs inspection. These items can be received in the Post Office as unregistered or registered small packets. Small packets are accompanied by the prescribed number of copies of the "Customs declaration" form (CN 23) and the "Customs declaration" form (CN 22).

Proper addressing examples.

Standards for delivery of priority letterpost items.

What is forbidden to send in postal items?

Postal items must not contain: dangerous and harmful substances, objects whose transfer threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics, except when the addressee and the sender are authorized by law for drug trafficking; live animals, money, coins, banknotes, other securities, precious metals and valuable pieces of jewellery, except in insured postal items, and other goods and object the transfer of which is prohibited by law and other regulations.

When sending postal items abroad, you need to find out if the articles you want to send are prohibited for import into the destination or transit country.

Letterpost items not subject to customs inspection.

List of forbidden articles for import or transit through a specific country.

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