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Happy events

Locations for submitting the request for publishing the advertisements in the daily newspaper “Politika“ are now available in the cities and towns throughout Serbia.

Submitting requests for the publication of advertising greeting cards in the daily newspaper "Politika" at counters of 86 post offices.

Requests for publishing congratulations on various important events such as christening, graduation, wedding anniversary, birthday, wedding, St. Patron’s Day, nativity, age of majority, or starting school can also be submitted in the post offices around Serbia.

Universal greeting is used for congratulating events that are not covered by the listed thematic units: moving in, going to the army, moving abroad, as well as other private and business successes.

Dimensions of greetings that could contain up to 15 words are 40x44 mm.

Time of reception

The advertisements can be submitted at the counters of 86 post offices in Serbia.

The list of post offices for submitting the advertisements

Find the nearest Post Office

Reception of requests is done in the following terms:

  • Monday – Friday, for a regular edition (next day edition),
    for Serbian edition – until 11:30 hrs,
    for Belgrade edition – until 14:30 hrs;

In other cases (requests for publishing advertisements for the period after the next day edition), the reception of requests is done within the working hours of post offices, and on Saturdays until 14:30 hrs. at the latest.


Please check for the working hours of particular post offices on Saturdays.

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