Sending parcels within Serbia - Service Description

Sending parcels within Serbia

Send your parcel from the nearest post office. We reach every place in Serbia.

Parcel can weigh up to 31.5kg

Fast, reliable, widely available. Use Parcel Services of the Post of Serbia to transfer goods and other items.

Parcel is a closed postal item containing goods and other items, with or without indicated value, with registered reception number.

Send your parcel weighing up to 31.5 kg from the nearest post office, with indicated value up to 50,000 RSD

Each parcel must contain full address of the sender and the recipient, which is to be indicated on the parcel address label.

Electronic tracking of parcels is available on the website of the Post of Serbia.

Proper addressing of parcel items 

Prohibited items

The Post does not accept parcels containing explosive and inflammable materials, narcotics, live animals, metal coins, bank notes, securities, travelers’ cheques, platinum, gold, silver, jewlery, precious stones and other valuable items, as well as correspodence exchanged between persons other than the sender and recepient (or persons living with them), with the exception of archival material. It is also forbidden to send goods and objects whose transfer is prohibited by regulations