ATMs in post offices - Service Description

ATMs in post offices

ATM services are available at more than 70 locations in Serbia.

In post offices throughout Serbia, there are more than 70 modern ATMs, which accept DinaCard, VISA, MasterCard и Maestro payment cards.

Locations of ATMs

At ATMs in post offices, the following activities can be performed: cash withdrawal or balance inquiry for Dina, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Unionpay payment cards, as well as changing or unblocking PIN codes for MasterCard and Maestro payment cards, provided that the bank which is the issuer of the card supports these types of services.

For ATM services, the Post of Serbia does not charge commission. Charges can be made by the bank that issued the card, according to its pricelist.

How to use ATMs at post offices

Instructions for the safe usage of ATMs

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