PostPak – COD parcel for the region - FAQ

PostPak – COD parcel for the region

Send a COD parcel in the region, pay cash on delivery.

Parcels must be submitted open for the purposes of checking the content.

No, those are expected deadlines for transfer of items.

No, postage for transfer of international parcels is paid only by the sender when handing over the parcel.

No, every PostPak parcel must have indicated COD amount which is charged from the recipient upon delivery of the item, for the sender, without additional expenses.

COD amount is remitted via international money order (PostCash –  International money transfer), which is paid in dinars. After receiving SMS massage, in authorized post offices, the COD amount can be collected by submitting the ID and communicating the number of the money order or the number of the parcel.

The payment is performed in dinars, but you can buy currency notes of the paid COD amount using a related transaction of selling the currency notes under favorable terms, in case of an exchange post office that has the necessary currency notes.

The money will be paid electronically International money transfer – PostCash.

Parcels can be tracked electronically on the website of the Post of Serbia.

When submitting a PostPak parcel, it is necessary to submit two invoices. One invoice should be in Serbian for our customs officers, and other in the language spoken in the destination country.

There are no limitations in frequency of sending parcels.

If the value of goods you want to send to one recipient is more than 999 euros, you can divide the goods in two or more parcels, where the value of goods in one parcel cannot be more than 999 euros.

Any kind of payment by the recipient regarding the import of PostPak parcel depends solely on the customs and other regulations of the country to which the parcel is exported.

PostPak parcels are delivered to the recipient with the recipient’s signature and payment of COD amount for the sender and possible import expenses.

No, they only need to sign an agreement with the Post of Serbia and the services of representation in customs procedures are included in the PostPak service.