Sending parcels within Serbia - Packing Instructions

Sending parcels within Serbia

Send your parcel from the nearest post office. We reach every place in Serbia.

Packing must match the weight, shape, content, size, and indicated value of the item.

Parcel can be packed in a wrapping, box, crate or bag, and has to be tied crosswise with a rope of the appropriate strength, if the shape so allows. The sender is responsible for the proper packing of the contents and closing of the parcel, and is required to protect the content from damage by appropriately packing it. For parcels containing fragile materials, liquids, powders or soluble substances, specific regulations regarding the packing are defined.

Parcel packaging for general and specific purposes can be bought in post offices.

You can pack the parcel in your own packaging (wrapping, packing box, crate, bag) or in the original parcel packaging for general or specific purposes, of different shapes and dimensions, bought in post offices. The parcel packaging for specific purposes, made from three-layer cardboard, is intended for packing bottles, projects, paintings, calendars, etc.

Value of the parcel must be indicated on the parcel address label, which follows the parcel from the reception to the delivery.

Minimum dimensions of the address side of the parcel are 9 x 14 cm.

The sum of length and circumference of the parcel, at the widest point crosswise, can be maximum 300 cm, with the largest dimension being up to 150 cm, except when it comes to bulky parcels.

Bulky parcel is every parcel the dimensions of which exceed the abovementioned dimensions, and which, due to its shape or structure, cannot be packed and transported with other parcels. The sum of length and circumference of a bulky parcel at its widest point crosswise can be a maximum of 350 cm, with the largest dimension being up to 200 cm, if there are technical possibilities for the receipt and transfer of a bulky parcel. Bulky parcels are accepted as special parcels and are subject to special handling postage charges.

Special packing

Glass objects and other fragile objects (ceramic objects, electrical and computer equipment, etc.) should be packed in a hard box, filled with a suitable protective material, i.e. wrapped in a protective material and packed in hard cardboard, when the shape of the object does not allow packing in box, so as to prevent any friction or impact during transport, either between the objects themselves, or between the objects and the walls of the box, and ensure full security of the contents of the item in transfer. Postal items containing glass objects and other fragile objects must be submitted by the sender as special postal items, the contents of which require special attention during receipt, processing, transport and delivery.

Liquids should be sealed in completely waterproof containers. Each container is placed in a special hard box containing suitable protective material to absorb liquids in case of damage to the container. The lid of the box closes tightly so that it cannot be opened.

Greasy and hard-to-dissolve substances (lubricants, liquid soaps, creams, resin, etc.) must be closed in the first packing (box, cloth bag or plastic bag), and then in a box made of wood, metal, solid plastic material or some other material to prevent content leakage.

Different types of dry powders must be packed in a container (bag, box made of metal, wood, resistant plastic material or cardboard).

Proper addressing of parcel items