Sending parcels within Serbia - Delivery Time

Sending parcels within Serbia

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The time limit for the delivery of a postal item is considered the time from the receipt of the postal item to its delivery. Post is obliged to deliver all received postal items in domestic postal traffic as soon as possible, and no later than within 5 (five) working days, not counting the day of receipt.

Time limits for the delivery of postal items do not include:

  • delay times due to incomplete and incorrect address;
  • delay due to force majeure;
  • non-working days and days when the delivery of postal items is not performed.

If a report on the arrival of the item is left to the recipient before the expiration of the time limit for delivery of the item, it is considered that the Post has fulfilled its obligation and delivered the item within the prescribed period.

Parcels that could not be delivered to the recipient by delivery at the address are stored at the post office for delivery for the duration of 5 working days.

The deadline for storing of parcels starts the following day from the day of leaving the report on the arrival of the item.

The specified time limit applies if the Post has not agreed on a different storage time limit with the sender.