Sending parcels abroad - Service Description

Sending parcels abroad

Send parcels to your customers, associates or business partners abroad.

Parcel in international postal traffic is a registered postal item with or without indicated value, containing goods and other items.

Depending on the content and customs brokerage, you can send the parcel from the nearest post office, at affordable prices.

Parcel for international traffic is a registered postal item, with or without indicated value, which contains goods and other objects.

Electronic tracking of parcels is available on the website of the Post of Serbia.

Parcel must contain information about the weight of the item, addresses of the sender and the recipient must be indicated, and the necessary documents submitted, depending on the customs procedure.

Dimensions and weight of the parcel for international traffic depend on the conditions of the designated postal operator of the destination country.

Parcel Value

Indicating the value of the parcel intended for abroad depends on the postal regulations of the destination country. If the destination country receives parcel with an indicated value, the value is indicated on the parcel itself and the Parcel Label CP72 form, which accompanies the parcel. The indicated value of the parcel cannot be higher than the value indicated on the Parcel Label CP72 form.

Prohibited items

Postal parcels which are sent abroad must not contain: narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, explosive, flammable, or other hazardous and radioactive materials, forged items and pirate material, shocking and unethical objects, live animals, explosive devices, ammunition or replicas thereof, items that by their nature or packaging may be dangerous for employees and can damage other items or postal equipment, documents having the character of current and personal correspondence between persons other than the sender or recipient, effective domestic and foreign money, except in cases of approval by the NBS (National Bank of Serbia), other items whose import or trade is prohibited in the destination country.

The list of forbidden and conditionally accepted articles for import or transit through a specific country