Commercial SMS - Service Description

Commercial SMS

Communicate with a large number of customers. Fast, efficient, continuously.

SMS for predefined operations - queries, requests, various payment operations.

SMS services of Post of Serbia enable to the users sending or reception of SMS messages in a quick and discrete way, appropriate to the modern life style and communication.

Post of Serbia offers several types of SMS services.

Commercial SMS provides to the customers of Post of Serbia the interaction with users via SMS messages and is related to the previously defined operations – checking the bank account balance, requested information, voting, and payment of predefined services (advertisements, internet providers or parking services).

In order to realize the commercial service, a client needs to define his/her own four-digit number (e.g. 2399), the format, the content and the price of the message.

Thanks to the safe multifunctional connections with mobile operators` platforms (MTS, Yettel, A1, Globaltel), Post of Serbia via SMS platform enables to its clients the realization of a wide spectre of SMS services (notifications, statuses, services, advertisements).

The communication between a client`s information system and SMS platform is done via internet, whereas the technology of incoming and outgoing traffic is conducted via web service (SOAP messages).

The advantages of using the SMS service in business are multiple:

  • available 24/7;
  • distribution of income – the price of the message is defined by a client himself;
  • full protection of data.

SMS services are intended for:

  • banks (for checking the bank account balance and registration of users);
  • distributors and transporters for reservation of products, enquiry on arrival/departure time;
  • media – for voting of audience, sending reports on road condition or weather forecast, sending or improvement of advertisements, sending comments);
  • internet providers, theatres, parking services – for purchasing VOIP time or ticket reservations.

SMS Media Express

Web application SMS Media Express enables collecting various requests and contents of sent SMS messages and their charge.

SMS Media Express is adequate for the realization of music requests, classified advertisements, and membership fee in some groups or application for participation in radio and TV shows.

Using the application for this service is simple, and a huge advantage for clients of Post of Serbia is that there are no hidden costs.

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