Business service of the Post of Serbia

Post of Serbia offers you a service bundle for efficient transport of goods.

Complete logistic support for the transport and storage of goods.

Choose the complete logistic support of the Post of Serbia for transport of goods, or the solutions for the organization of individual segments of warehousing.

Choose the logistic support of the Post of Serbia in your business and improve catalogue sale, supplying of retail stores or transport of goods from one manufacturer to another.

Business service offers to customers full logistic support, as well as the organization of work in individual segments of transport and warehousing.

Full logistic support

Full logistic support includes:

  • takeover of goods and consignments;
  • transport;
  • warehousing;
  • packaging;
  • transfer and delivery.

Along with the mentioned services of logistic support and transport, Post of Serbia is able to offer to business clients who deal with the catalogue sale, a set of marketing, postal-financial and IT services.

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