Printing Services - Service Description

Printing Services

Send a request from your computer, we shall process it and send you a graphic product as soon as possible.

WU "Hybrid Mail" provides designing, printing and distribution services.

WU “Hybrid Mail” offers services of creation, printing and distribution.

The range of products includes:

  • envelopes;
  • flyers and posters;
  • magazines, brochures and catalogues;
  • publications;
  • books;
  • personal documents;
  • various types of forms;
  • cardboard stationery.

Services of the WU “Hybrid Mail“ represent a combination of the traditional mail service and electronic mail, through three integrated technological processes.

The first technological process includes computer processing of the data received in electronic form, under the previously arranged protocols for the connection protection, or by physical delivery, on data carriers.

The second part includes a design, preparation, printing and finishing of all sorts of graphic products from sheet-fed and rotary press.

Services of preparation and design are done by a creative team of designers and graphic artists, using the most modern equipment for graphic preparation. This segment of work also includes previous creation of preliminary or conceptual designs, as well as other graphic processing, at the customer`s request.

A special process is personal press, with the possible service of variable press, and it includes complete previous computer processing of addresses and data, as well as creating the addressed envelopes of various designs and printed contents. Finishing is the phase of graphic production in which a graphic product comes into a final shape, it is the most complex, and, as far as time is concerned, the most demanding segment of graphic production.

In this segment we have more than 50 graphic and finishing machines at our disposal.

The third technological process is logistic deliveries of finished graphic products.

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