Letter - Service Description


Lettepost item, in closed envelope, weighing up to 2 kg.

The letter is delivered within 2 to 5 business days on the territory of Serbia.

PE Post of Serbia, as a public postal operator, is obliged to offer Universal postal service and has an exclusive right to offer reserved postal services.

Reserved letterpost services include reception and/or/ sorting and/or/ transport and/or delivery of letterpost items weighing up to do 50 g as well as judicial letters regardless the limits.

Priority letter is an non-registered letter in domestic postal traffic which is dispatched by the fastest route towards the destination and delivered by regular delivery. The priority letter is rectangular in shape, which must have the "Priority" mark in the upper left corner.

Priority letters weighing up to 50 g must have dimensions that correspond to the conditions for automated sorting, namely: length from 140 to 250 mm, width from 90 to 176 mm and thickness from 0.15 to 6 mm.

Letter is any written statement in closed envelope or any other item which corresponds to the letter terms regarding size and mass, even if it does not contain a written statement.

The maximum weight of the letter is up to 2 kg.

Letter size: the sum of length, width, and height – up to 90 cm, whereby the largest of the three dimensions can be up to 60 cm. The minimum size is 9 x 14 cm.

If the letter is in the shape of a cylinder, the maximum size corresponds to the sum of length and two diameters, up to 104 cm, whereby the largest of them can be up to 90 cm. The minimum size corresponds to the sum of length and two diameters not less than 17 cm, while the length of the letter cannot be less than 10 cm.

Envelope ensures that the content remains intact at all stages of the transfer. Only letterpost items containing greeting cards or postcards can be accepted in open envelopes.

How to properly address a letter?

Proper addressing ensures safe and timely delivery.

Examples of proper addressing

Which articles are prohibited from being sent by mail?

Postal items must not contain: dangerous and harmful substances, objects the transfer of which threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics, except when the recipient and the sender are authorized by law to traffic in drugs; live animals, money, coins, banknotes, other securities, precious metals and valuable pieces of jewellery, except in insured postal items, and other goods and object the transfer of which is prohibited by law and other regulations.

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