Paid Reply - Service Description

Paid Reply

Allow your customers to send replies free of charge.

Safe way of receiving feedback from your customers.

This service is intended for legal persons who are sending their catalogues, brochures, questionnaires, polls and other advertising material to a large number of different addresses expecting response from the recipients. Paid Reply may be in a form of a letter or a postcard.

Paid Reply enables you the following:

  • to receive feedback information from your customers;
  • to encourage the sale via purchase orders from catalogues;
  • to increase the number of renewed subscriptions by sending purchase orders;
  • to influence the activities of the customers through prize games (competitions) and coupons.

The initial mail item which contains a paid-reply may be in a form of a letter, postcard, printed matter (newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues), a direct mail or a Post Express item.

The response in the form of a Postal Item with Paid Reply is accepted without paying postage, and the customer who performed their distribution pays postage only for the returned responses. The customers send their responses free of charge – by putting them into the mailbox, submitting them at the post office counters or handing them to a mailman.

The weight of a Postal Items with Paid Reply in internal traffic must not exceed 250g.

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