Information and Communication Support to the Business of the Post

Information and Communication Support to the Business of the Post

The Post of Serbia has reached a high quality level in the field of information and communication structure for internal business support, which is primarily reflected in the implementation of solutions in daily service provision, as well as the smooth and efficient functioning of the whole system. These services are not currently available to external users.

IKT Infrastructure

PostNET is an internal information and communication network of the Post, which automates the work of over 1500 post offices, connects all outlets, counters and business buildings in the headquarters of the work units, thereby simultaneously integrating a large number of elements into a single system in the territory of the country.

PostNET provides data transfer: for the needs of Post’s system, online transactions at counters, Internet users of Post NET, as well as data transfer for the needs of e-Government and third parties.

The strategic hubs of PostNET network are located in telecommunication centers in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, connected with redundant links, with direct access to the Internet. Communication equipment is completely under the administration of CISCO experts of the Post.

The system is based on IP/MPLS technology, which allows different classes of traffic, creation of virtual private networks and mechanisms that ensure the quality of the service.

Computerization of Business

Computerization and IT support to the Post’s business include a large number of application solutions, among which the following must be pointed out – PostTIS – information system that is used as an application support for the core business of the Post in the following segments of work:

  • postal items – reception, delivery, track & trace, Web Express application;
  • money operations – cashier, bill collection, banks, payment operations;
  • electronic announcements – telegram, money order, Cash Express;
  • trade – procurement, distribution, sale;
  • Business Service – catalogue sales, supplementary postal services, Web Shop;
  • Contact Center – Post Express, telegrams, money orders;
  • claims procedure;
  • centralised administration and monitoring.

Integration of Business

In 2008, the Enterprise Resource Planning System, SAP, was introduced in the Post of Serbia.

In the period after that, in cooperation with SAP consultants, information experts from the Post implemented PostSAP – integrated information system for management of the corporate resources of the Post.

The Post is the first public postal operator in Southeast Europe with implemented SAP business solution, which is being implemented through functional modules in the following segments: financial accounting and operations (FI), inventory management and monitoring (MM), financial analysis and planning (CO), financial monitoring and recording of investments (IM), budget management (FM), maintenance of fixed assets (PM) and marking of fixed assets with bar codes and business intelligence (BI).