Postal and logistic parcel - Service Description

Postal and logistic parcel

Entrust us with the sale and complete distribution of your printed editions and other items.

Set of marketing, transport and logistics, postal, money and IT services.

For business legal entities dealing with Catalogue sale, of printed editions and other items, the Post of Serbia offers a set of marketing, transport, logistics, postal, financial, and IT services.

The set of Postal and Logistics Parcel services are provided based on the contract and it includes:

  • receiving orders;
  • collecting and storing ordered products;
  • processing, forming, and packing of items;
  • transport and delivery of items to ordering clients;
  • payment of COD amounts;
  • supplies tracking.

Choose the Postal and Logistics Parcel service and your clients will be able to order books, textbooks, publications, and other items, and we will provide free delivery to the ordering party.

Ordering can be done in the following ways:

  • at the counters of all post offices based on the order form which is created electronically at the time of ordering;
  • by contacting the Call Center of the Post of Serbia;
  • ordering via Online Post Shop on the website of the Post of Serbia.

Payment of COD Amounts

After your clients carry out order payments in the post office, the payment shall be transferred to your account.

More information on sending parcels within Serbia

Proper addressing of parcel items

Prohibited items

Packing instructions