Personalized Postage Stamp - Service Description

Personalized Postage Stamp

A stamp for your special occassion.

Keep important memories on a personalized postage stamp.

Create your own personal stamp with desired motifs. Celebrate a special occasion – birth, wedding, birthday, age of majority or some professional success;

Save the memories of the important moments, dear people or favourite journeys.

A personalized postage stamp is printed on a special paper.

It contains necessary elements of a regular post stamp – nominal value, the name of the country and the identical perforation manner.

The smallest amount to be ordered is 200 stamps.

Payment is done in advance, based on the pro-form invoice, after signing the contract.

A personalized postage stamp may be obtained at the post office, 20 days after the payment.

Send us your request for the personalized postage stamp to


A motif on a personalized postage stamp must comply with the Advertising Law, the Law on Public Information, the Law on the Protection of Competition and the Law on Personal Data Protection.

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