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Post Office 11221 Belgrade 90 will operate at a new location in 557 v Vojvode Stepe St. as of February 23.

The working hours of the Post Office remain unchanged - from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 19.00, and on Saturdays from 08.00 to 14.00.

Post Office 21124 Novi Sad, 42 Feješ Klare St., will be temporarily closed from February 22 to March 15 due to adaptation works.

In the meantime, customers can use all of the services in the nearest post offices 21107 Novi Sad, 83 Patrijarha Pavla Blvd. (working hours on weekdays from 8.00 to 19.00 and on Saturdays from 08.00 to 14.00) and 21142 Novi Sad, Branka Ćopića bb St. (working hours of the Post Office are on working days and on Saturdays from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm and on Sundays from 7 am to 1 pm).

During the national holiday Sretenje - Serbian Statehood Day, on February 15 and 16, post offices in Belgrade, as well as those in all major cities and tourist centres, including post offices at border and administrative crossings - a total of 73 post offices in Serbia - shall be open.

In Belgrade, apart from the Main Post Office in 2 Takovska St., which will operate non-stop as usual, post offices in shopping centres and other on-duty post offices shall be open.

According to the unchanged working hours, the post offices at border and administrative crossings will also operate non-stop, the post office in Gradina shall be open from 7.30 am to 18.30 pm, while the post office in Čukarka will work from 7 am to 18.30 pm.

The list and working hours of on-duty post offices can be seen in the table.

On Monday, January 18, 2021, the new corporate post office 11043 Belgrade 156, in 2 Vojvode Vlahovića St., which is located in the settlement of Vojvode Vlahovića, starts operating.

The working hours of the post office will be from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm. Customers will have at their disposal the services of receipt of postal items and payment operation services.

The Post of Serbia has re-established international postal traffic with Andorra, so it now dispatches postal items to 80 countries.

We remind you that, due to limited air traffic as a consequence of measures implemented globally in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, international postal traffic worldwide operates with difficulties.

Due to restrictions in the transport of items, as well as the organization of the work of individual postal operators, delays or suspensions in postal traffic towards specific countries are possible.

List of countries to which it is possible to send postal items