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The Post of Serbia, in cooperation with the Postal Savings Bank, has secured the payment of pensions and social welfare benefits for the customers of the Postal Savings Bank who are 65 years of age and over, at post office counters based on a single Power of Attorney.

The Power of Attorney form can be found at the following link.

The Power of Attorney must include:

  • basic general details and / or information on both the Power of Attorney Giver and the Attorney (name and surname, citizen's unique identification number, address);
  • full bank name and account number 200-xxxx-xx from which the payment is made (for social welfare benefits the account number shall not be mandatory);
  • the exact amount of funds - in numerical and written form; (if the social welfare benefits are paid out at home address, and the customer chooses to be paid out against the Power of Attorney, the amount of the funds shall not be mandatory);
  • date and place;
  • signature of the Power of Attorney Giver or Account Holder.

Powers of Attorney that are given on the Bank’s form, on the form available on the National Bank of Serbia webpage and in free form are all accepted if they contain all the above elements. A Power of Attorney need not be certified by the competent authority.

In addition to the Power of Attorney, the Attorney shall submit personal identification documents of the Power of Attorney Giver and the Attorney along with the payment - cheque card of the Power of Attorney Giver (the card is not necessary in case of social welfare payment).

Any further information may be obtained by calling the Bank's Call Center at 011 20 20 292 or the Customer Service of the Post of Serbia at 0700 100 300 or 011 3607 788.

Post of Serbia has reestablished international postal traffic with Montenegro, so that the reception of letterpost items, parcel items (including Post Export – Export of Goods and PostPak services), as well as EMS items is performed for 54 destinations.

The list of destinations can be viewed here.    

The following previously temporarily closed post offices started operating: 19103 Zaječar – Sokobanjska 1; 11071 Beograd 125 – KBC “Bežanijska kosa”; 26111 Pančevo 11 – Ulica kestenova 4 i 35207 Potočac – Potočac BB.

On Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12, post offices at border and administrative crossings - Jarinje and Brnjak respectively, the working hours of which remain unchanged, shall be open for customers.

On Monday, April 13, 33 post offices will not be open for customers during the Gregorian Easter. The list of post offices can be viewed here.    

Post Express service shall be temporarily suspended from April 9 to 11 due to the organization of pension payments.

The Post Express Next Day Delivery service with a delivery due of the following day until 7 pm will resume from Monday, April 13.

Temporary changes in the provision of services of the Post of Serbia shall be implemented in accordance with the measures in force, with the aim of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 and preserving the health and safety of all citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

The following post offices are temporarily closed: Post Office at the Novi Sad Fair (21112 Novi Sad – Hajduk Veljkova 11), Post Office within  Clinical Hospital Center “Bežanijska kosa” (11071 Belgrade 125), Post Office 18211 Trupale ( Železnička 7A) and Post Office 19103 Zaječar (Sokobanjska 1).

Post Office 31335 Sastavci is open.