Special letterpost services

Registered letterpost items in international postal traffic can be tracked on the website of the Post.

By choosing the special services option when submitting letterpost items, you ensure special handling of your items.

Such items in most cases have a registered receipt number. For all registered items, the sender is obliged to indicate their address, unless the item is marked with “for competition”, “for bidding”, etc.


During submission, choose the option that your item is sent as an airmail item.

In accordance with Acts of Universal Postal Union, registered items and insured letters are always dispatched as airmail items.

Unregistered letterpost items can be submitted as airmail items which speeds up their transfer.

Delivery standards for priority letterpost items

Registered Letterpost Items

Registered letterpost item is a registered item, with no indicated value, for which the sender is issued a receipt confirmation, and for which the recipient, upon delivery, signs a proof of delivery.

Registered items must contain, in the upper part of the address side, a receipt number marked with “R” and a bar code. Tracking the status is performed based on the receipt number on the corporate website of the Post, in the segment Tracking the item status or by contacting the Call Center at 0700 100 300

All letterpost items for international postal traffic can be submitted as registered items.

Registered items are not allowed to contain money, securities, and other valuable items

Insured Letter (letterpost item with insured value)

Insured letter is used for sending valuable objects, documents, and securities.

Insured letter is a registered letterpost item, insured by the sender up to the amount of indicated value, which must correspond to the actual value of the item, or to the importance of the item to the sender, but it is also allowed to indicate a part of that value.

Insured letter for international postal traffic is accepted only for those countries that accept this service.

Letterpost Item with a Return Receipt

Letterpost item with a return receipt is an item for which the sender requests a written confirmation of delivery in the “Return Receipt” form, which is then returned and sent back to the sender.

Which articles are prohibited from being sent by mail?

Postal items must not contain: dangerous and harmful substances, objects whose transfer threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics, except when the recipient and the sender are authorized by law to traffic in drugs; live animals, except animals whose transport is regulated by specific terms for the provision of postal services, and other goods and object whose transfer is prohibited by law and other regulations.

Examples of proper addressing

Letterpost Items not subject to Customs Clearance

The list of forbidden and conditionally accepted articles for import or transit through a specific country.