Electronic Registered Letter – eR Letter - Service Description

Electronic Registered Letter – eR Letter

Modern electronic communication in service of postal services, on the basis of the world trends in postal traffic.

Safely send e-invoices, specifications, pro forma invoices, letters and important documents via eR platform.

Use the benefits of modern information technology.

Increase your business efficiency using the Electronic registered letter service – eR letter of the Post of Serbia.

Sending electronic registered letters is done via the eR platform – fully protected software that has all the functionalities of the advanced email client for eR letter management.

Additional functionalities are time-stamping and server electronic signing of REM evidence. REM evidence are XML files that confirm whether the eR letter is accepted by the platform, delivered, opened or refused by the recipient. REM evidence is stored on the platform even when the original eR letter is deleted from the platform, because it contains activities that have been realized between the sender and the recipient.

At all times the sender has an insight into the evidence and different forms of reports. They also receive an email notification of any change in the status of the eR letter, without any special fee. Delivery of these notifications by SMS message to the registered mobile phone number is done at the request of the user and represents the value added service that is charged separately.

The content of the eR letter can be different documents, such as electronic invoices, but also all the documents sent by mail that can be sent electronically.

There are two types of eR letters:

  • basic eR letter – the sender has an insight only into the status that the eR platform has accepted the basic eR letter that was sent;
  • improved eR letter – the sender is enabled the insight into more than one status in relation to the eR letter that was sent (for example: eR letter is accepted on the eR platform, eR letter is delivered to the eR platform, eR letter is received or rejected by the recipient, etc.)

How to become user of the Electronic Registered Letter?

Users who conclude a contract with the Post shall receive the eR address (in the format username@erposta.rs), they log on the platform through the web portal, add electronic documents (previously signed or not signed) as attachments to the eR letters and send them to recipients at their address. They have the status of a sender and the ability to send and receive eR letters.

Recipients of eR letters who do not have a contract with the Post can be registered on the eR platform and can access the platform in the same way as senders or users who concluded the contract, with the difference that they can only receive eR letters, not send them. An eR letter is sent to unregistered user or recipient at their standard email address, by sending them the link that opens a website on the eR platform where the eR letter that was sent is located. The unregistered user can also only receive eR letters, not send them.

The exchange of eR letters via the eR platform is:

  • simple, safe and reliable;
  • in accordance with international standards;
  • undeniable and strictly confidential at all times (since the eR letter never leaves the platform);
  • time-saving service – no waiting at counters.