Post of Serbia - Post rectified mistakes of previous management 11 months ahead of schedule


Post rectified mistakes of previous management 11 months ahead of schedule

After the State Audit Institution submitted the report on objections to the operations of the PE Post of Serbia in 2019 and 2020 addressed to the previous management, the new management of the Post of Serbia eliminated the stated irregularities as soon as possible.

On 31st of December 2021 the State Audit Institution published a Report on the audit of the irregularities of operations of the Public Company Post of Serbia, Belgrade in the part related to public procurement for 2019 and 2020 and fees under contracts for work outside employment and other benefits to individuals for 2020. These irregularities occurred before Zoran Đorđević was appointed the Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, who took office on 5th of March 2021.

Although the plan of the State Audit Institution sets deadlines for eliminating irregularities, depending on the priorities, to 31st of December 2022, PE Post of Serbia rectified all objections by today, i.e. eleven months before the deadline. We will only cite an example that, constantly in 2021, as well as at the beginning of 2022, the number of employed and work-engaged persons was within the framework determined by the Business Program, i.e. approval by the Commission for giving consent for new employment and additional employment with users of public funds, that is, in accordance with the Law on Budget System, as well as that on 25th of January 2022 PE Post of Serbia has only 10 persons hired on the basis of outside employment contracts.

Also, when it comes to other objections related to public procurement, they are taken into account and fully implemented in all subsequent procurements conducted in accordance with applicable regulations.

The new management of the PE Post of Serbia will inform the State Audit Institution about the measures taken in the prescribed manner.