Post of Serbia - Zoran Djordjević’s Christmas wishes


Zoran Djordjević’s Christmas wishes

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjević, sent congratulations on the occasion of the happiest Christian holiday – Christmas, to employees and customers who celebrate this holiday according to the Julian calendar.

I wish all our customers and employees who celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar a happy and blessed Christmas.

Christmas is a family holiday, and the Post of Serbia, as a large family of 15,000 employees and millions of customers, bases its responsible business on family values of togetherness, respect and solidarity.

With the wish that the Day before Christmas and Christmas bring peace and prosperity to each member of our large family, I greet you with the traditional greeting of Saint Sava:

Peace of God, Christ is born!

Zoran Djordjević

Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia