Post of Serbia - New Business Programme for stable Post in 2022


New Business Programme for stable Post in 2022

At the professional gathering organized by the Services Function and Postal Network Function in Zlatibor, the results of the work of the Post of Serbia in the current year are summarized and the key directions of business, new activities and services that will be implemented in 2022 are announced.

Addressing the participants of the gathering, Acting Director of the Post Serbia, Zoran Đorđević pointed out that the realized revenues and expenditures this year were at a satisfactory level, which is a good basis for implementation of the Business Programme for 2022.

“The adopted Business Program for the next year is a development program, with the goal of enabling further revenue growth, so that the Post can stand on its own two feet. We are working to ensure a better financial position of employees in the continuous social dialogue, which we have established with four Unions, and one of the first steps towards that is to increase the wage bill by 10 percent, we are just waiting for government approval”, said Zoran Đorđević.

The management and professional services analysed the work models of some of the leading postal operators in Europe, and after visiting and talking to them, the Post of Serbia decided to follow the model applied by the Post of Austria.

“Our goal is for the Post to become the best company in Serbia. This requires new investments from which we expect good results. We will work, among other things, on improving the efficiency of sorting machines and logistics network, the process of introducing parcel lockers is underway, new POS terminals have been implemented. In order to improve services, we pay special attention to analysing the problems and requirements of our customers, to whom we have approached this year with improved visual identity, better communication and modernization of traditional services such as the introduction of new, modern telegrams and holiday gift program. Everything we have done and what is planned by the Business Program, we are doing in the desire to return the Post to where it was - among the most successful companies”, said Đorđević.