Post of Serbia presented new design of luxury telegrams

Post of Serbia released into domestic traffic new luxury telegrams available to customers as of today in all post offices across country. There are 25 newly designed luxury telegrams, with new and recognizable motifs, on the theme of joyful events such as births, birthdays or weddings, New Year's, Christmas and Easter holidays, family celebrations, as well as telegrams of condolences.

The new design, which will convey every wish and message of the client in the best way, was done by renowned designers and photographers including the world-famous stock photographers from Zrenjanin, the Zamurović brothers, whose work was praised by many world companies, declaring them the best in the world in the field of conceptual stock photography.

As before, telegrams can be handed in at the post office or announced by telephone from a landline registered with the operator "Telekom Srbija". If handed in at the post office, the telegram must be legibly and clearly written in Cyrillic or Latin script. Electronic tracking of telegrams is available on the company website of the Post of Serbia.

Design of new telegrams is available on the company website at the link   https://www.posta.rs/cir/stanovnistvo/usluga.aspx?usluga=postanske-usluge/telegram-srbija/slanje-telegrama-u-srbiji&strana=luksuzni-telegrami