Post of Serbia - New commemorative philatelic edition “Monument to Stefan Nemanja”


New commemorative philatelic edition “Monument to Stefan Nemanja”

The Post of Serbia has issued a commemorative stamp “Monument to Stefan Nemanja”, in honour of the great prefect Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the Serbian medieval Nemanjić dynasty and a monumental sculpture unveiled on St. Sava’s Day this year on the Sava Square in Belgrade, in front of the former Main Railway Station.

The motif on the issue is a monument with the ruling figure of Stefan Nemanja wearing a noble uniform, with a sword in his right hand and the Charter of Hilandar in his left. Reliefs from the life of Stefan Nemanja and Serbian history during his reign are shown on the pedestal, which in its basis has a cracked Byzantine helmet, a symbol of Nemanja's struggle for independence from the Byzantine Empire from which the ruler's sceptre, a symbol of the ruler's power emerges.

The monument weights a total of 80 tons, is 23.5 meters high and is the tallest monument in Serbia.

The commemorative issue of postage stamps contains a stamp with a face value of 30 dinars, printed in counter sheets of ten stamps, first day envelope and a commemorative seal. The artistic realization of the edition is the work of Miroslav Nikolić, the creator of the stamps for the Post of Serbia.