Post of Serbia - Management and unions continue constructive talks


Management and unions continue constructive talks

Representatives of the four majority unions operating at the Post of Serbia and the management of the Post of Serbia held a joint meeting which continued the constructive dialogue on topics relevant for the business of the Enterprise.

Acting Director Zoran Djordjević and executive directors Vladimir Dimitrijević and Miloš Djurić introduced the union representatives with the indicators of positive business in the previous period, as well as with the course of activities on the reorganisation of the Enterprise and improving the financial position of employees.

The representatives of the trade unions were also presented with a plan for expanding the postal network through the concept of contract post offices, as well as plans for the digitalisation of postal services and the introduction of business ones, such as the eArchiving service.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Trade Union of PTT Serbia, the Trade Union of PE PTT Traffic "Independence", the Independent Trade Union of Postal Workers and the Trade Union "Solidarity" of the Post of Serbia, and the topic of the next meeting of management and trade union will be the business plan for 2022.