Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia stimulating small businesses


Post of Serbia stimulating small businesses

In accordance with the strategy of expanding the postal network and the availability of services, the Post of Serbia has announced a competition which gives entrepreneurs and legal entities the opportunity to provide services in the name and on behalf of the Post of Serbia through contract post offices and a separate contract counters.

This practically means that legal entities and entrepreneurs who want to earn additional business income can, in their business premises - in a separate facility or within the facility in which they already perform their activities, become representatives of the Post of Serbia and perform postal services. They are provided with the possibility of earning a stimulative agency commission, which depends on the realized income of the contract post office or contract counter.

The call is valid on the territory of the entire Serbia, and legal entities and entrepreneurs can decide to open a contract post office or a counter, depending on the structure of the business premises at their disposal. For further information, please contact us at:

In this way, the Post of Serbia, as a socially responsible enterprise, encourages the development of entrepreneurship and small business, as well as the reduction of unemployment, especially in less developed and underdeveloped areas, by expanding the availability of its services.