Supervisory board adopted a nine-month report on the Post's operations

The Supervisory board of the PE Post of Serbia held a session today to discuss the results of the Enterprise in the previous period, after which the Report on the degree of implementation of the annual business programme for the first nine months of this year was adopted.

According to the results which the management of the Post of Serbia, led by the Acting Director Zoran Djordjević presented to the Supervisory board, the Enterprise made a record profit of 2.8 billion dinars in the first nine months of 2021, which is by far the most successful result compared to all annual results since 2017. Compared to the whole of 2019, the currently realised net profit is almost 50 percent higher, while compared to the entire previous year, it has increased over three times.

Since the arrival of the new management of the Post of Serbia, on 5 March this year, in just over six months, the constant decline in business results, which began in 2016, has been stopped. This year's nine-month results are even 2.8 times higher compared to the same period in 2019, and over 6 times higher compared to that period in 2020.

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjević, pointed out that such results were achieved in a relatively short period, and that the Enterprise launched significant investment projects for the next year in order to establish long-term business stability, which will result in a better standard of employees.

"I am immensely proud of our workers who have contributed to such business results with their work, which each of them should be proud of. They oblige us to continue in the same direction in order for the Post to become the best company in Serbia, which is one of the main goals we set at the beginning of our mandate", said Djordjević.

The report on the degree of realisation of the annual business programme for the first nine months of this year will be published on the website of the Enterprise and submitted to the Government of the Republic of Serbia.