Post of Serbia - Đorđević at a meeting with representatives of the “Independence” Union


Đorđević at a meeting with representatives of the “Independence” Union

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, met today with representatives of the Workers’ Union “Independence”, with whom he discussed the improvement of the material position of employees and current topics of importance for the business operations of the Enterprise.

At the meeting held in the premises of “Independence” Union, Director Đorđević presented to the members of the Executive Board of this Union plans for further improvement of the work of the Enterprise and introduced them to the indicators of positive business operations in the previous period.

On this occasion, Đorđević pointed out that new delivery vehicles and new uniforms for employees are expected by the end of the year, as well as that intensive work is being done on the modernization of technological processes, digitalization and the introduction of new services. He especially emphasized the work on the reorganization of business processes in order to accelerate the development of the Post of Serbia and increase the salaries of employees. Considering the fact that this Union was prevented from attending the last joint meeting between the directors and all workers’ unions, all current topics from that meeting were also discussed.