Commemorative postage stamps for the jubilee of the Non-Aligned Movement

The Post of Serbia publishes a special issue of commemorative postage stamps "60 years since the First Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement – Belgrade, 1961", as part of a great diplomatic jubilee and an extremely important international event, represented by the First Conference of the Movement, held in Belgrade from September 1 to 6, 1961.

The Belgrade Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement also marks the beginning of an important international role for a group of countries that have advocated the ideals of equal cooperation, openness and equality in international relations.

Commemorative postage stamps will contribute to the promotion of the principles, ideals and significance of the Non-Aligned Movement that it still has today, to which the Republic of Serbia remains deeply committed, but also to remind of the importance of Belgrade and former Yugoslavia in the process of forming and operating the Non-Aligned Movement.

This special edition is enriched with digitalized material that can be read via two QR codes on the sheetlet of the issue - QR code in the upper right corner, visible on the digital display of the issue, leads to the page https://efilatelija.posta.rs/wordpress/, and the QR code in the lower left corner leads to a page with digitalized artefacts from the time of the First Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, and can only be read from the printed sheetlet of the issue (hence it has been replaced by letters).

The Museum of Yugoslavia provided professional cooperation in the realization of the issue that is in circulation as of today. The graphic processing of the issue is the work of Nadežda Skočajić, the creator of postage stamps of the Post of Serbia.