Postage stamps in honour of the completion of "Balkan Stream" gas pipeline

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, met today with the Technical Director of “IDC d.o.o.”, Denis Murzipov, after the successful realization of the joint issue of exclusive postage stamps which marked the completion of the construction of the “Balkan Stream” gas pipeline.

The “IDC” company is the main contractor for the construction of the natural gas transport system “Main gas pipeline Border of Bulgaria – Border of Hungary” on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and during the construction of the pipeline more than 3,000 experts of various professions were hired and more than 1,000 units of construction equipment engaged.

The main contribution to this international project, which is a confirmation of friendly relations and cooperation at all levels between Serbia and Russia, as well as the development policy for a better future of President Aleksandar Vučić's Serbia, was given by Serbian and Russian construction workers.

Denis Murzipov presented Zoran Đorđević with an exclusive issue of postage stamps as an expression of gratitude for the fruitful cooperation, while Đorđević responded with signed works by the author of postage stamps of the Post of Serbia, Miroslav Nikolić – prints of paintings created in the process of making a philatelic issue marking the completion of the construction of the “Balkan Stream” gas pipeline.