Post of Serbia - My Choice Award 2021 Presented to the Post


My Choice Award 2021 Presented to the Post

Recognitions My Choice for 2021 were solemnly presented today at the Assembly of the City of Belgrade. The Post of Serbia won the award for the favourite brand in the transport category, and the award was received by Danijela Rajković, Director of the Human Resource Management Function at the Post of Serbia.

At this year's eleventh selection of the best domestic products and brands, conducted by the Association "My Serbia" with the support of the City of Belgrade, the Post won the award for the fourth year in a row, in the competition of 1,000 domestic products and brands in 24 categories. The awards are presented exclusively on the basis of consumer votes, and the goal of the event is to direct attention to and promote the quality of domestic products and brands.

This year, the Post was also presented the "Consumers’ Favourite" award at the first selection of My Serbia Association for favourite brands on the Serbian market, regardless of origin, in the category of transport of goods and passengers.