Post of Serbia - Meeting with Archbishop Hočevar


Meeting with Archbishop Hočevar

Zoran Djordjević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, met today with the Archbishop of Belgrade Stanislav Hočevar, in order to exchange ideas for joint projects of cultural and interfaith cooperation.

Starting from the socially responsible role of the Post, the interlocutors discussed the organisation of cultural events and inter-museum cooperation, which will promote the two-millennium presence of Western Christianity on our soil and present to the public artifacts that testify to that, within the PTT Museum. Also, within the philatelic activity of the Post of Serbia, it is possible to record all important socio-historical events and common values on the issues of commemmorative postage stamps.

Such projects are important for the socio-cultural development of our communities, and it is possible to realise them in a broader partnership and with full mutual understanding and respect – concluded Hočevar and Djordjević.