Post of Serbia - Jubilee of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Mexico marked on stamps


Jubilee of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Mexico marked on stamps

At a special ceremony at the PTT Museum, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, and HE Carlos Isauro Félix Corona, Ambassador of Mexico to Belgrade, promoted the new issue of commemorative postage stamps that celebrates 75 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Mexico. The jubilee, officially happened in May, but is marked throughout the year with a series of events, and will remain noted in the rich philatelic production of the Post of Serbia.

”Since Mexico opened its Embassy in Belgrade, it has never, at any time closed its doors and has always been close to the Serbian people during historical events in the Western Balkans, and in accordance with its principles of foreign policy, international law and stable friendship, Mexico has supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia. Mexico's continued presence in Serbia basically comes from our belief that true friends are always there, both in good times and bad”, said Ambassador Félix Corona.

“Decades of friendship and cooperation with a country close to us, with which, despite the geographical distance, we share many common values and support and respect each other, we appropriately and symbolically mark on a national symbol such as a postage stamp, with recognizable motives of national, historical and cultural heritage of our countries that remains for future generations. We are ready to strengthen our ties and deepen our friendship, and the Post of Serbia will actively contribute to this by supporting the development of trade and cultural exchange” said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia. Đorđević congratulated the Ambassador on the upcoming national holiday of Mexico and presented a gift issue of commemorative postage stamps.

The commemorative issue of postage stamps, two stamps in a block and commemorative envelope depict in the foreground motives of the Belgrade Victor Monument and the Mexican Independence Monument, and in the background important cultural and historical monuments, connected by flags and national motives of both countries in the form of a bridge. The issue is realised in collaboration with the Ambassador Félix Corona and the Embassy of Mexico to Serbia, while the artistic realization is done by Marija Vlahović, creator of stamps for the Post of Serbia.

At the accompanying exhibition „500 first stamps of Mexico (1879-1945)”, there is a collection of postage stamps which illustrates the very diverse and rich philatelic development of Mexico in the chosen period. The collection was lent to the PTT Museum by the Museum of Book and Travel of the Association for Culture, Arts and International Cooperation “Adligat”, and it is open for visitors at the PTT Museum until September 21.