Post of Serbia - Post and Customs agreed: Together to faster and easier flow of items


Post and Customs agreed: Together to faster and easier flow of items

Directors of the Post of Serbia and Customs Administration, Zoran Đorđević and Branko Radujko, discussed today the possibilities of further improvement, acceleration and facilitation of the flow of items in the international postal traffic and of intensifying the cooperation on this matter.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a number of changes in the whole world, and also to the expansion of online shopping, which is why it is necessary to provide the most efficient service in the circumstances of a multiple increase in the number of items.

 In this regard, Post of Serbia and Customs Administration have already agreed and started with the improvements of technological solutions, but in the coming period, we expect continuous improvement of processes, their acceleration and application of examples of best practice from around the world. Basically, through the system of items’ advance data that will be sent to the Republic of Serbia, full, fast and efficient control will be enabled, and with the further development of the system, full automation of the flow of items, from transport and sorting to the customs procedure itself, it will enable users to have faster delivery of items and to track the items from the moment of entering our country.      

 In order to fully satisfy the users of postal services and further develop this type of trade,  the Directors of the Post and Customs with their respective teams have already started with the activities on the implementation of projects for optimization and acceleration of business processes related to the delivery and control of items in international traffic.