Post of Serbia - The Post awarded the best young historians


The Post awarded the best young historians

The winners of the national competition for high school students in history were presented with special awards and gifts at the PTT Museum in Belgrade, by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia. Eleven best young historians from ten high schools and secondary vocational schools throughout Serbia were awarded with tablets provided by the Post for outstanding success at a competition held in late May, among more than a hundred candidates.

”Post of Serbia nurtures a tradition of its business that is longer than two centuries and is deeply woven into the history of our society and people. History is one of the most important sciences for preserving national identity, and for the Post of Serbia, as the oldest national company, it has a special significance, so our support for the best young historians will become a regular practice in the future. In this way, we want to motivate young people to learn and keep historical values from being forgotten, as a signpost for the future development of our society.”, said Zoran Đorđević, congratulating the awarded students on the achieved results.

Principal of the school hosting the competition – Šabac High School, Marijana Isaković, expressed her gratitude to the contributor PE Post of Serbia and to the Acting Director Zoran Đorđević, who fulfilled the promise given to the competitors at the opening on May 23, that he will additionally reward the most successful competitors.

Young historians had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the PTT Museum and its exhibits, collections and information related to the history of the Serbian Post and the development of postal technology. They visited the permanent exhibition, postal and technical collection, and learned from the curator of the Museum about the introduction and history of postal traffic in Serbia and the most important persons and their inventions.