Post of Serbia - Voting for the most beautiful European postage stamp lasts another 7 days


Voting for the most beautiful European postage stamp lasts another 7 days

The stamp of the Post of Serbia saker falcon is a national candidate in the competition for selecting the most beautiful postage stamp issued by EUROPE 2021, under the auspices of the Association of Public Postal Operators PostEurop, which sets the theme of the contest every year, and this year it is the endangered national wild species.

Along with the announcement of the winner according to the expert jury, the most beautiful stamp is chosen according to the votes of the audience. The competition is open to the public, and all citizens, as well as philatelists and philately lovers, can participate in this increasingly popular online voting for these special and valuable philatelic issues of postal operators from all over Europe.

We invite all citizens to contribute with their votes to the best possible placement of our candidate with a motif of a strictly protected species in our country - saker falcon (Falco cherrug). The voting principle “one click - one vote” is available at The commemmorative issue, as well as the choice of motifs, in addition to valuing the artistic achievements of our creative solution, also aim to promote the preservation and protection of nature and wildlife, to which it is necessary to contribute together. All those interested can vote for only seven more days, until 9 September!

Every year, as part of its programme of issuing commemorative postage stamps, the Post of Serbia publishes EUROPE, one of the most important and most popular issues, and competes in the contest for the most beautiful stamp of Europe. This year's issue Europe - Endangered National Wild Species, with two stamps with motifs of strictly protected species in our country saker falcon (Falco cherrug) and shore lark (Eremophila alpestris), in counter sheets of eight stamps with a vignette in the middle, one commemorative first day cover with a commemorative cancellation, has been in circulation since 12 May. Expert assistance was provided by Dr Marko Raković, from the Natural History Museum in Belgrade, while the art design of the issue is the work of Marija Vlahović, MA, the creator of the stamps of the Post of Serbia.