Adjusted working hours for first-grade pupils parents employed at the Post

Parents of children who start the first grade of primary school today, who are employed at the Post of Serbia, according to the new Decision on working hours and work schedule, will have the opportunity to work according to the new adjusted flexible working hours, if the work organisation allows it. With this decision of the management of the Post, special attention is paid to single parents who will be prioritised.

Professional services of the PE Post of Serbia, by order of the acting Director Zoran Djordjević, were given the task to, in accordance with the nature of work and the needs of work organisation, to enable parents of first-grade pupils, as soon as possible, and primarily single parents, to more easily reconcile their private and work obligations using flexible working hours.

"The Post of Serbia, as a socially responsible company, wants to support its employees in the most important moments of life in this way as well, which is certainly the beginning of school. Support to parenthood, as the most important pillar of society, is one of the main goals of the Post of Serbia, and the decision to provide flexible working hours to parents of school children is only the first step towards the realisation of broader plans for parenting support within the Post of Serbia”, said Zoran Djordjević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.