Post of Serbia - New uniforms for employees of the Post


New uniforms for employees of the Post

The Post of Serbia is introducing new uniforms for employees – postmen and women, couriers, counter workers, as well as for employees in logistics and maintenance - drivers, technicians in postal items processing operations and repairmen and women. In the probationary period starting Monday, August 30, selected employees from all target groups will have the opportunity to test them while performing their regular tasks.

The expectations that the new uniforms should meet are better protection, comfort, durability, for those who perform work in the field or outdoors at low or high temperatures, but also better quality, pleasant feeling and corporate appearance for all who are in daily contact with customers. The new uniforms also differ visually from the previous ones, and from now on, red, navy blue and white will be represented. After the test period, it is planned to adopt new Regulations on clothing, which stipulates that the Post provides complete winter and summer uniforms for all employees engaged in aforementioned positions.

“Along with the modernization of technological processes and the introduction of new services, the Post of Serbia can proudly say that it is a public enterprise that carefully builds and constantly improves the corporate reputation and image of the Enterprise, and primarily better working conditions for its employees. Visual identity is very important to us, as well as the satisfaction of our people. The uniform that our colleagues wear every day should be in accordance with their needs and contribute to the professional look and better service they provide. By modernizing the approach to the development of the postal network, the most important part of which are our employees, the business and infrastructure network of the Post will be significantly strengthened by the end of this year. As we have already announced, we will procure new bicycles, mopeds and new vehicles, and we are also introducing new types of technologies, all with the aim of raising the availability and quality of postal service”, said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.