Post of Serbia - Exhibition “Mihajlo Pupin: Life and Work” presented in Niš


Exhibition “Mihajlo Pupin: Life and Work” presented in Niš

The PTT Museum of the Post of Serbia, Historical Archives of the City of Niš and the Society for Culture, Art and International Cooperation “Adligat” organized the exhibition “Mihajlo Pupin: Life and Work” in Historical Archives in Niš.

The exhibition dedicated to Pupin as an inexhaustible source of inspiration presents lesser-known fragments from his life to the public and is one of the first projects realized on the basis of the recently signed Protocol on Cooperation between the PTT Museum and the Niš Historical Archives.

The exhibition, which is open to visitors until August 14, presents original letters from Nikola Tesla about Pupin to Radoje Janković, the Yugoslav consul in New York, from the fund of Adligat's “Museum of Books and Travels”, as well as Pupin's letter to engineer Cvetanović, in which he thanks him for one postal item, which is kept in the fund of the Historical Archives in Niš.

The authentic letters of Nikola Tesla are of special importance, because they tell a completely different story in relation to the generally known one - in them, Tesla explains his view on Pupin's disease with a lot of care. The letters are written in extraordinary Cyrillic script, and it is especially important that in them Tesla asks to visit Pupin in the hospital.