Call for bids for representative selection

By entering into force of the new Regulations on representative selection procedure regarding provision of services through franchises and remote franchise counter we would like to inform all the interested legal entities and enterpreneurs that the PE Post of Serbia enables provision of services through the representatives, who in the name and on behalf  of the PE Post of Serbia render services by means of franchises and remote franchise counters, with the commission payment.

By cooperating with the Post of Serbia, a company of trust in provision of postal, finance and other services, you may ensure additional income for your business operations and provide an additional motive to citizens and business partners to become your customers.

Hereby the Post of Serbia openly invites all the interested legal entities and enterpreneurs to submit their bids for service provision through the franchises or remote franchise counters. Prospective representatives (legal entities and enterpreneurs) from the territory of entire country, may submit their bids in any organisational unit of the Post of Serbia, or by email to the following address of the Postal Network Function dirposmre@jp.ptt.rs and all the other organisational units. It is necessary that the bid contains all the basic data on legal entity or enterpreneur, and the locality for which you are interested to make business cooperation with the Post of Serbia.

For any additional information, dial +381 11 3718 103.

The bids shall be considered in accordance with the internal act of the Company regulating the complete procedure for selection of representatives for service provision through franchises and remote franchise counters. The Call for bids remains open.