Post of Serbia - Warning to citizens: fake couriers


Warning to citizens: fake couriers

PE Post of Serbia is warning the citizens of the new attempt to misuse the logo and name of the Post of Serbia by unknown persons who falsely present themselves as couriers of Post-Express or other courier services, and who are going from door to door try to deliver postal items to citizens, and asking them to pay a certain amount, which some citizens reported as suspected attempt of fraud by unnamed persons.

In this regard we would like to inform and ask the citizens to be extra careful when collecting and paying for postal items at their home address, to pay special attention and take into account the distinctive features of logos on the uniforms of the couriers and postmen, the obvious characteristics of delivery vehicles, as well as the standard packaging of express items.

In case of any doubt or suspicious attempt of Post-Express item delivery please call the Contact Centre of the Post of Serbia on the number 0700 100 300 or 011 3607 788, to check it, and if it possible, take pictures of the suspicious delivery vehicle, write down any information, or report any suspicious attempt to the Ministry of Interior.

All competent offices at the Post of Serbia intensified monitoring of the situation on the ground by collecting and processing data according to citizens' reports, checking the numbers of items suspected by users and taking all measures within its competence in order to respond in a timely manner to observed abuses by reporting to the Ministry of Interior - Criminal Police Directorate - unknown persons for the abuse of corporate logo and name of PE Post of Serbia.

Users will be informed about the development of the situation and the activities of the Post of Serbia in a timely manner on the website of the Post of Serbia, Post-Express website, on Facebook account, as well as on the official Instagram account.