Easier and faster customs clearance of postal items arriving from abroad

The Post of Serbia and the Customs Administration will work together to simplify and speed up the customs clearance procedure when receiving and sending postal items in international postal traffic, which is one of the cooperation activities that was agreed today at the meeting held between the Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, and a representative of the Customs Administration.

“Having in mind the needs of customers and the growth of online trade, the Post of Serbia initiated the improvement of the customs procedure and the simplification of procedures for customs clearance of postal items in international postal traffic. These changes will enable private entities and entrepreneurs to clear their postal items faster and cheaper when importing and exporting, as well as to obtain information on the status of the postal items they send or expect in a better and more efficient way”, said Director Đorđević.

It was also agreed with the representatives of the Customs Administration to open new payment points of the Post of Serbia at border crossings, which will make it easier for citizens to realize payment transactions and pay customs duties.