Post of Serbia - Warning: Fraudulent E-mails!


Warning: Fraudulent E-mails!

Post of Serbia hereby warns its customers and all other citizens not to fall prey to fraudulent emails in which corporate symbols and the name PE Post of Serbia are being abused. We warn everyone who receives such emails to be extra careful, not to open any links, not to take any actions and not to enter their data.

Regarding fraudulent emails in which customers are asked to pay a certain amount of money, we emphasize that the Post of Serbia never communicates with customers via e-mail. In case of any doubts, we invite citizens to contact us through our Contact Center at 0700 100 300 and 011 3607 788.

The competent services of PE Post of Serbia take special care of possible abuses, about which customers are regularly warned on the official corporate website of the Post of Serbia and its official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

At the same time, the Post of Serbia reacts to the observed abuses by filing a report to the Ministry of the Interior (Criminal Police Directorate) against unknown persons due to the abuse of corporate symbols and the name PE Post of Serbia.