All 20,000 applications for holiday vouchers in Serbia have been registered

Yesterday, May 10, on the first day of registration, 20,000 applications for holiday vouchers in Serbia were recorded at post office counters, by which the additional quota of vouchers determined for this year was filled. The registration was completed at ten o'clock, with the last application registered in the post office 21428 Plavna.

Kragujevac Post Office 34000 received the most applications – 340, and as before, the senior citizens were the most active – out of 20,000 registered, 10,830 of them i.e. 54.15% are pensioners. 6,440 employed citizens i.e. 32.2% – opted for this possibility of subsidized vacation in the country, while the unemployed citizens accounted for 10.41%, as well as students who participated with 1.94%. Other categories make up for the remaining 1.3%.

In addition to registering customers, the Post also provides delivery of vouchers in the form of insured letters to the home addresses of customers, as well as the service of informing customers about the status of their applications and terms of use through the Contact Centre.

The first 100,000 vouchers were distributed in this year's first cycle of applications for holiday vouchers in Serbia, from January 1 to February 8, and the Government of Serbia recently distributed additional funds of one hundred million dinars for additional 20,000 vouchers due to great interest.