Post of Serbia - Supervisory Board Confirmed: Salary Correction Conditions Met


Supervisory Board Confirmed: Salary Correction Conditions Met

Supervisory Board of PE Post of Serbia held its 38th session at which, inter alia, the results of the Enterprise operations in Q1 2021 were discussed and the Conclusion on April Salary First Part Payment on the last day of this month, just before the Easter and 1 May holidays, as promised to employees by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director were approved. The Report on the Level of Implementation of the Operations Programme was also approved, creating conditions required for salary corrections.

According to the results presented at the session of the Supervisory Board, the Post of Serbia realised the net income of RSD 544.8 million in the period January-March 2021, significantly above planned, and three times as much as in the same period in 2020.

This result and the fact that the March salary is paid out for the first time after several years from own resources created the reason for the Supervisory Board to formalise by its Resolution the promise that Acting Director Đorđević gave to the employees regarding the April salary first part payment on the last working day in the current month, instead on 5 May as prescribed by the Collective Agreement.

Sound results of our operations in Q1 2021 have created the foundation for salary correction for employees in technology, such as postmen, couriers and counter employees, which is regulated by a special Decision issued by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia. This means in practice that the results of the operations achieved in the period January-March made it possible that the technology employees who want to work more and achieve better results, pursuant to the Director’s Decision on salary correction, can earn salaries as much as 50% higher.