Meetings with highest representatives of religious communities in Serbia

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, had separate meetings with Stanislav Hočevar, Archbishop of Belgrade and Mustafa Jusufspahić, Belgrade Mufti of the Islamic Community of Serbia.

Conversation partners of the Acting Director Đorđević pointed out the role of the Post as the institution of significant support to the state and citizens at all times, even in the current health situation, and that with togetherness and partnerships we can overcome even the most difficult moments. They addressed the potential directions of future cooperation by involvement and support of the Post to the activities and projects that promote religious tolerance and interfaith cooperation.

“Post of Serbia is a support for all citizens of Serbia, regardless of nationality and religion, and our business ethics and good governance practices respect differences, and adapt to the exercise of religious rights and freedoms and the practice of religious customs”, said Acting Director Đorđević during the conversation.