Post of Serbia with “Komercijalna banka” NLB Group and its customers

Following the needs of the financial market and customers, in order to agree and define different modalities of cooperation in the upcoming period, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia and Bojana Nikolić, Director of the Services Function, met today with the representatives of “Komercijalna banka” NLB Group – Vlastimir Vuković, the President of the Executive Board of the Bank, and Dubravka Đedović Negre, Advisor to the Executive Board for Economy and Investment Banking.

Preparation and signing of the “Umbrella Memorandum of Cooperation”, with the definition of entrusted tasks that the Post will provide in the name and on behalf of the Bank, as soon as possible, as well as the formation of expert teams that will work on the implementation of operational plans, were agreed today.

Main joint message of the representatives of the Post and the Bank, as well as the benefits for the customers, are that this cooperation will make available to the clients of “Komercijalna banka” NLB Group, besides existing bank branches, more than 1,500 branch office in the whole territory of Serbia through the most widespread national infrastructure network of the PE Post of Serbia.

“Our common goal is to achieve new growth and volume of services, as well as the projects that will bring innovation based on new partnerships, with benefits for customers and the society as a whole”, concluded on today’s meeting Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia.